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Venini "Circo Di Lune" Glass & Steel Sculpture Login For Price
Venini "Circo Di Lune" Glass & Steel Sculpture
Venini "Circo Di Lune" Glass & Steel Sculpture
Venini "Circo Di Lune" Glass & Steel Sculpture

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20th Century

This is a limited edition glass and steel table sculpture which consist of mouth blown glass attached to metal rods inside a steel rectangle.

The amazing vibe that you get from this piece of art is amazing, the fragility of the glass and the almost indestructible power of the steel is genius.

The piece is titled ‘Circo di Lune’ (A Circus of Moons) actual walls where Monica and Philip bring together all their ideas, thereby creating an object which is able to live alone, to accept creations in different scales and to build the space around it, of which it is always the protagonist.

The characteristic feature of this project is its ability to define the relationship between full/empty, closed/open, opaque/transparent and the harmony of the ever-changing dimensions of spheres which sinuously penetrate into the frame made of iron, a material which is in strict contrast to the ethereal refinement of the suspended moons.

The various chromatic combinations, in red/orange, green/blue and black/white, and the techniques of glass making are the fundamental elements of the project from an expressive point of view, and once again of the ability to use filtered light as a component of the final elaboration.

The piece is # 28 from and edition of 99 and is signed MG & PB (Monica Guggisberg e Philip Baldwin)2006.

22 3/8" wide x 6" deep x 17 3/8" high

Condition: Excellent Original Condition, glass is flawless and the steel has a great ebony color.

Number of items: 1
Materials/Techniques: Glass and Steel
Creator: Monica Guggisberg e Philip Baldwin for Venini

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